Powder Pump

NEA 430 is an entirely pneumatic system for the low-pressure transport of high density powders, granulates and polymers capable of continuous, high volume product feed rates.

The innovative 4 periods operating cycle ensures uniform, uninterrupted delivery. The unique technical and structural characteristics of the NEA 430 ensure continuous performance for greater productivity than a conventional venturi pump system. 


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The innovative dual cyclonic valve system cleans the pumps and the respective utilities effectively in one minute, eliminating the downtime otherwise necessary to dismantle the individual components. The compact and versatile structure of the NEA 430 means that it can be installed quickly and easily even on existing, operational production lines.

Three regulators complete with pressure gauges (for feed, transport and pinch control) let operators quickly read and, if necessary, recalibrate the pump operating pressure values.

Ideal for Color Companies, Food & Pharmaceutical Industries. Mostly used for starch, sugar, flour & titanium dioxide transfer.

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