The Lubrication Solution for Excavators

State of the art

  • The system greases every point while the haul truck is in operation and maintains a constant barrier at bushings preventing dust and dirt from entering wear surfaces.
  • Increased safety as there is no need to crawl under or over equipment to service hard-to-reach lubrication points.
  • Gain 30 minutes or more of operating time per day with an R.O.I. of less than 12 months.

Adding a lubrication system increases equipment life by decreasing wear on vital components. Automatic lubrication systems safely and continuously supply lubricant while your machine is running.

Popular Products

Dynamis Maxx

Dynamis is an electrically driven multiple outlet lubrication unit designed primarily for use with progressive divider valve systems to accurately control the amount of grease and to monitor system performance via an integral controller.

PVB Progressive Valve

The corrosion-resistant PVB Divider Valve dispenses lubricant to as many as 20 outlet lines at operating pressures up to 3600 psi. 

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