The annual volume of fillings used (principally chocolate) has increased almost eightfold in the last decade.

Graco: A full range of sanitary pumps and unloading equipment

Graco SaniForce®2.0 line offers a complete portfolio of sanitary pumps and unloading equipment for the food, beverage and personal care industries. The range is designed to handle the most difficult materials quickly and safely. It includes air- and electric-operated double diaphragm pumps, electric-operated drum pumps, and piston transfer pumps. Besides these stand-alone pumps, it also includes drum and bin unloaders. The SaniForce®2.0 line is ideal for a multitude of applications in various industries such as:

Improve Your Fillings

Low to high viscosity ingredients including juices and flavored drinks, salad dressings & condiments, sauces, edible oils, snack food flavorings, frostings, beer & wine, caramels & chocolate syrups, jams & fruit fillings, tomato paste, peanut butter, and more.

Personal care

Lotions & creams, cosmetics, and high care food.


Yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream ingredients.

Meat and poultry

Medical creams & lotions, organic reagents, blood products, bio pharmaceuticals, alcohol and solvent transfer.