Revamping of the automatic dual line grease lubrication system, in a Hot Plate Rolling Mill.

In this large steel plant, several installed dual-line systems were running non-stop for more than 15 years, so it was time for renovation and upgrade.

The obsolete pump and controls have been replaced by new Bijur Delimon BS-B pump, SA-V reversing valve, SG-A differential pressure switch and a Total Lubrication Controller.


With the 22 l/h, BS-B pump, we are supplying grease to the existing 90 dividers, serving 4 lubrication points each. The longest branch length is 120 meters, covering the Rolling Stand, entry Roller Tables and exit Roller Tables all the way to the Hot Plate Leveler. The end of the line differential pressure switch, provides reliable feedback for the cycle completion, even at very low temperatures and grease hardening, which was missing in the old system.

More specifically,

the lubrication cycle for each line is completed in under 7 minutes and the maximum pressure reached at the BS-B pump is 120 bar, of the available 400 bar maximum working pressure. Dual line systems are the reliable solution for long production lines and adjustable lubricant quantity per point in steel plants and the metal industry.